The 509 Story:

All about 509 Broadway... Let me just start off by saying that we wish our website were slightly more fabulous than it is, but it just isn't... YET.. stay tuned though... we will get there! 
Our little boutique sits in rural America but is far from country-bumpkin.   We have an industrial theme/charm you would expect to find in the city.  We do wish all of our online shoppers could experience our brick and mortar store because you see... we have coffee in the store... totally legit coffee... lattes, macchiatos, iced... the real deal coffee bar coffee type coffee.   So...You order your favorite version of an extra hot, ultra skinny, soy, something or other and then you sip on that while you just relax and shop. 
We opened in March of 2013.  In the beginning ... we were flying by the seat of our pants or rompers... no wait pants...rompers were a 2015 thing.  Who am I kidding... we are still flying by the seat of our pants... our tight, distressed, high- waisted skinny jeans to be exact.  We love the flight though and don't plan on landing.  Every single style in the store and online is hand-picked and once its gone we will likely never carry it again.
Helping a woman find that one fantastic outfit that turns a bad day into a good day or helping the stay-at-home momma treat herself to a little something special are just a few of the reasons that make us want to share our little small town boutique with the rest of world.
If you are ever traveling through southwest Nebraska we hope you stop in to see us... in the mean time enjoy our online version of 509 Broadway are going to need a Keurig or something to help you enjoy online browsing because the post office tells us we can't ship lattes.

A Little About the Owner:

She is ...
attentive (sometimes)

Favorite Color: Black
Favorite Food: Pasta (any and all)
Favorite Place: a dirt road
Favorite Singer: Garth Brooks or Adele (coin toss)
Favorite Person: Her husband
Favorite People: Her 5 children (hence the pregnancy photo)
Favorite Quote: "I'd rather be late than ugly."
Other weird quirk... she loves the use of three little dots when she is writing. (...)


~xoxo Tiffany